2017 JBS Wrap Up

by JBS Financial 5:59 am 12 Dec 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back and reflect on the year which has seen the JBS Team grow and change both individually and as a group. Peter purchased his first house and got engaged, Glenn and Andy both welcomed baby girls. The SMSF team recruited a new team member Richard, Aakash graduated with an MBA and a Master of International Finance from Deakin University (with high distinction). Warren won Division 1 golf pennant and added a puppy to his family, Liam renovated his house and back patio and Pj booked a European trip which is now in planning phase for next year. Jen and Bren also made a huge lifestyle change and moved from the city to the sea. From a business perspective, JBS launched three educational series Join with Jen, Retire Right and Cash Coach so if you haven’t yet seen any of our videos, jump on our website and take a look. Keep an eye out for the launch of a new series in 2018.


As we reflect on the positive year our team has shared together, there will be people going into this holiday season who are less fortunate than ourselves. Throughout the year, JBS has supported Make A Wish Australia, and in the spirit of giving we have again decided to donate to this charity instead of sending Christmas cards to our valued colleagues, clients and team. You too can make a donation to Make A Wish who grant the wishes of children suffering from life threatening medical conditions.


Holiday Opening Hours

JBS Financial Strategists will be closing at 4pm on Thursday, 21st December and reopening on Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018. During the holiday closure the business will be supported via email or Jen’s mobile phone on 0418 990 988 for urgent issues.


We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment throughout 2017.


From all the team at JBS, we would like to wish you, your family and your friends a wonderful holiday break, a safe & prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you in 2018.


Below is a little snippet from our recent Team Christmas Event – it was a fantastic day, what a great team we have!

Stress Free Holiday

by JBS Financial 11:52 pm 04 Dec 2017

Having finished the stressful uni exam period, eight mates and I decided to get out of Melbourne. A holiday was exactly what was needed just to unwind and have some fun. We had previously been on a trip interstate and felt that it would be too expensive if we went again for only four days, so after looking at prices online we decided camping in Acheron (near Bonnie Doon, almost a two hour drive out of Melbourne) was the best option, both in terms of money and relaxation; hiring campsites included access to a swimming pool, kitchen and a games room.


Although I had previously been on camping trips, I was excited to just do something different. I was not expecting it to be as stress-free and cost efficient as it was, yet that was due to a great deal of planning.


We already had most of the necessary camping gear like tents, chairs and lights, so we deliberately choose to hire two campsites instead of cabins in order to save money. The campsite costs ended up being only $56 per person, which was exceptional value for money given the facilities and the length of our holiday; being 10 metres away from the Goulburn River was very serene, and was the perfect location when playing cards, listening to music and watching the cricket.


Figuring out items to bring with us was a challenge, as buying essentials like food beforehand in Melbourne and bringing it with us was cheaper than purchasing everything after we had arrived. Naturally we decided to shares these expenses, therefore budgeting and recording how much each of us spent was important for this process. I would not change anything about this aspect of my trip, as the strategy we executed ended up collectively saving us a lot of money.


Ultimately, the plans we put in place ensured that our holiday was as stress-free as possible and did the least amount of damage to our bank accounts. If you are planning some time away, I would recommend considering what experiences you have already done and decide whether you would have the same amount of fun doing something different, with perhaps a lower cost. If you choose a holiday in complete contrast to your regular lifestyle, it could prove to be more relaxing and enjoyable than you initially imagined.


– Richard Smart –

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