It’s Time to Reset

The great thing about welcoming in a new year is it gives us an excuse to reset things in our lives, whether it be our lifestyle, expenses, finances and the list goes on. We find the best way to do this, is setting yourself some goals that you can work towards.


Start off by sitting down, including with your loved ones, and write out all your goals. Write them down no matter how small, silly or crazy you may think they are. They also don’t necessarily need to be goals that involve spending money, and can even be things you want to work towards over the next few years.


Once you’ve written down all your goals, you then need to work out which ones are the most important to you, and start prioritising all your goals from the ones you feel are really important and want to achieve first, to the ones that maybe can wait until you’ve achieved the others.


The final thing to do is work out the cost (if any) of achieving each of your goals and your expected time-frame on achieving that goal, i.e. is it something you want to achieve in the next 6 months or something that you want to achieve by 2020 for example. Once all these details have been panned out, it can then make working towards your goals easier, because now you know which ones you want to work towards first, how much it’s going to cost you (so you know how much you need to start saving), and finally what your time-frame is.


Another handy thing to do is sit down with someone else and talk through your goals with them, who knows they may even be able to give you some insight on how best to achieve them, or potentially help you get your priorities right. Here at JBS we are big believers in setting goals and working towards them so we’re always happy to talk through your goals and work on a plan to achieve them, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call!


– Peter Folk –

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