My Passions | Aakash

What makes you want to get out of bed every morning and makes you do that you love? What is that thing that you wouldn’t mind doing everyday for the rest of your life? Yes probably that thing is called passion. But I feel passion shouldn’t be limited to one particular activity. Some of us are passionate about few different things and I don’t think that’s wrong.


For me, I have a couple of passions:

– My work

– Trekking


1) My Work – So since childhood whenever someone asked me what I wanted to become when I grow up, my answer was a Pilot! But slowly I found myself getting interested in the business and finance news section of the newspaper that came home daily (and I realized how hard the science subject in school was!) Coming from a nation (India) where financial literacy is weak, I became interested in ideas that would help people understand finance in a way that is more than just their salary. So long story short, after completing my studies in finance, here I am at JBS trying to help our clients manage their wealth better along with a team that is equally passionate about the client’s best interest. Every time we witness clients achieving their financial goals, I realise how our passion helps others better their life. It’s a win-win for all. I haven’t ever thought twice about waking up and going to work because I go to bed at night looking forward to it!


2) Trekking – Being a part of the Scouts group at school gave me the knack for trekking, camping and trail hiking. I went on my first hike as an 11 year old and I don’t think I am going to stop till my legs give up. As I mentioned at the start that some of us are passionate about few different things and so I can’t go on treks or hikes daily but I have made it a point I do it as regularly as possible so that it fills up my hunger for trailing the outdoors. Be it climbing forts and mountains tops in India or camping in tents under chilling winter or just bushwalking around different trials in Victoria, there is not one aspect of it that I have or will hate. Reaching the top of a mountain peak gives me a high that makes the trek worth it.


I have tried to share 2 of my passions in a very short manner, but I would like to add that yes I am not the best at them yet. There are people who do the above better than me and have far more experience in it, but that does not deter me to stop pursuing these. For me my passion is about enjoying and loving what I do even if I am not the best at it, yet! I may not have climbed the Mount Everest, but will that stop me from going on treks? No. I may not be a finance expert yet, but will that stop me from learning more and working for my clients? No. These are my passions and I will pursue them because they make me happy 😊


– Aakash Mehta –