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We are committed to keeping you updated with the issues that can affect you achieving your financial goals. JBS produce regular newsletters, with the details below.

Create | Protect | Enjoy

Our fortnightly JBS newsletter Create | Protect | Enjoy will hit your inboxes every second Tuesday and will include the following sections:

+ a topical and interesting piece from the world of financial planning;
+ a showcase piece from one of our clients; and
+ Tuesday Tips & Trivia.

We will have rotating key strategies for you to consider, as well as a link to all of the JBS services. You can also connect to any of our social media sites, which we strongly encourage.
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Monday Markets Newsletter


If you currently dabble in direct shares or would like to, then you should be signed up to our Monday Markets newsletter with weekly updated information from some of the most reliable sources in the industry.

Seminars & Events

2016 Planning Retreat

In August the JBS Team spent two days in Cape Schank at a retreat planning for the six months ahead. It was a great motivation for all and allowed us all to step back and reflect on the year so far. This allows us to think of ways to improve the services to our clients as well as way to be more efficient in the office.

Throughout the year JBS run a variety of events ranging from small group sessions to large seminars which are of great value to our clients and prospective clients. We would love for you to attend our next session, and value any feedback you have regarding topics of interest to you.

JBS Social Events

The JBS Team love to get out together to do something fun and a bit of team building. As a group we love our social events and always look for the next crazy thing to incorporate into these fun occasions.

We've done lawn bowls which showed a few naturals. Click here to view some of the footage captured on the day.

The JBS Team took on one another in Bubble Soccer. There weren't many goals scored, more smashing, crashing, rolling and laughing - check out the video here