Planning for the Future

My partner and I have always taken it upon ourselves to build towards our family’s financial future. Having a roof over our heads and bills paid was one thing but we also wanted savings put aside each week for a rainy day, some savings in the kid’s bank accounts and back up plans for unexpected life events. From time to time I get asked how we’re able to have a mortgage, with 2 kids and think about saving all with me being the only one working. I simply explain that it all comes down to planning well before committing ourselves to any major long term commitments. Then it’s just a matter of defining the steps required and sticking to our guns.


Before we bought our home we decided that it was important to set out the financial ground work regarding what we needed to do in order to fund our loans, living expenses and at the same time able to save each week. So we sat down to determine what our repayments and bills would be once we moved into our home. From there we were able to work out the exact amount we were realistically able to save each week and made a commitment to put those funds aside without fail. Furthermore we made a commitment to put aside funds each week into our son’s bank account. Again this was a realistic figure and we stuck to it each week.


The main point we focused on was to be realistic in what we set out to achieve and how much we could achieve. Often I would think to myself that I’m able to save a certain amount each month; however my bank account does not reflect my theory. Once our second child was born, we again went through the same process to ensure we were continuously building towards our family’s financial future.


We also knew that having a saving’s plan and strategy in place wasn’t enough. Being the sole income earner of the family, I also took it upon myself to ensure my family was protected if I was suddenly unable to earn an income. Several months before we bought our house, we discussed the amount of personal insurance I would require in unforeseen circumstances, which takes into account future long-term loans and living expenses. I then made sure my personal insurance cover was all in place months before we started to look for a house. As you never know what might happen.


Having a financial goal for our family’s future is great but to achieve it, planning and commitment is key. Time and time again we have experienced that thorough planning has many benefits. It firstly provides us with a realistic expectation of what we’re in for and more importantly provides motivation to achieve the financial goals we set. Once our plan is in place it was then up to us to commit, keep each other accountable and more importantly encourage each other to achieve what we set out to achieve.


– Andy –


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