Savings & Momentum | Peter

I remember back in 2009 I ran the Melbourne Marathon, a whopping 42km run that took me over 5 hours, yep 5 long hours of continuous running (what was I thinking!?).  One day after completing the Marathon I went for a long run and asked myself, why am I doing this?  I’ve run the Marathon so why do I need to keep running, it just seemed pointless.


Fast forward to now and I constantly use this as a reminder that you need to keep setting yourself goals to allow you to keep up your momentum.  Over the past few years’ I set myself a budget (I know sounds boring) and goal to save up for a house, it did mean that I had to make some sacrifices, but I’m happy to say that in November 2016 my Fiancé and I bought our first house.



Now the key is to keep up my momentum on the savings to achieve further goals, I’m happy to announce I also got recently engaged, but with that comes the massive expense of a Wedding and Honeymoon (Yikes!).  To keep us motivated and the momentum going my fiancé and I keep thinking of the next big thing we need to save for.  Once the Wedding and Honeymoon is done and dusted, the focus will then be on getting that pesky loan down, having an enjoyable life (travel and new shiny things), and I guess at some point kids will pop into the picture (yep another big expense).


At the end of the day I find the best thing to do is continue to set yourself a goal, if you don’t I find you lose your momentum, and this is evidenced by me becoming lazy after the Marathon (yep the waistline has grown).  Now that I’ve continued to set myself new goals with my Fiancé, we are continually saving and working towards a common goal allowing us to keep up our momentum.  In the end this will hopefully allow us to enjoy our life and hit our goals, and hopefully I’ll get my nice new shiny Audi one day!