Spring Cleaning My Life

During winter I decided I wanted to join a gym to get ahead of the ‘spring rush’ where people hurry to get in shape for summer. Although only July and still winter, I wanted to get that spring clean feeling, get my life organised and into a routine so when summer arrives I can make the most of the warmer months.


I just completed my first 8 week challenge at the gym which was very successful. The challenge gave me structure, goals to work towards throughout the 8 weeks and kept me accountable with the other participants.


Part way through this challenge, I decided to apply this theory to other parts of my life. Joining the gym was the first step and now I have a plan to spring clean my life.


Health & Fitness Routine – I didn’t know where to start at first and to begin with, I thought I could only fit in two sessions per week. However, in just a couple of weeks its amazing how much I was enjoying the gym and I found the time to go, now I’m there at least four times per week. To keep motivation I change my routine/classes/coaches. I have also started keeping a photo diary to monitor the progress/changes.


My Time to Unplug – life is busier than ever and with the endless supply of entertainment at our fingertips, it’s no wonder time can slip away. I have made conscious effort to “rediscover me” by blocking out times each week to clear my mind and unwind. Switching off from my laptop, phone, social media and TV. During winter I was having saunas and now it’s a little warmer I enjoy laying outside on my deck in the sun to clear my mind.


Declutter – Household mess can contribute greatly to stress in our lives, so it’s important to make your home a space you want to be. I used the recent long weekend to go through my wardrobe, tidy the garden and do an all over spring clean of my home. My declutter session was quite therapeutic and as the saying goes – “tidy home, tidy mind”. I donated heaps to charity and managed to sell some items online which will go towards my ‘something special goal’.


Plan something special – I haven’t planned anything yet, however likely an overseas trip will be on the cards in the near future to reward myself on the goals I set myself in July and what I can achieve between now and the end of the year.


You can apply the same theories to your finances. Seeking assistance from a financial coach, doing an audit on your budget and re-assessing your goals can make a world of difference to achieving financial freedom.


– Pj –