Meet Aakash

Aakash Mehta

Client Services Administrator - SMSF
Tel 03 8677 0688

I’m a part of the wonderful SMSF team that goes by the motto “With and For each other’’. Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance, JBS is my first step in to the financial planning industry. I help prepare the quarterly reports, driving the SMSF tax returns process with Warren and also perform the required admin work keeping the client’s best interest in mind. It gives me a sense of self-satisfaction knowing that the work I do impacts more than just our client’s financial position.

I aspire to be a successful Fund Manager in future and help clients achieve their desired comfort life while working hard to have one for myself as well. I like reading financial news, travelling with friends, often go for treks and hikes to mountains  and I attempt to write a bit of poetry as well.

I am delighted to be a part of the fun JBS team where everyone loves working with each other while pulling some of the most cruel office pranks!