Meet Warren

Warren Hanna

Senior Financial Adviser
Tel 8677 0688

I’ve come on board as a Senior Financial Adviser in the SMSF side of the business. I’ve been working in financial planning since 2003 and I have a passion for all things SMSF including the technical stuff like structuring property purchases, retirement planning and insurance.

My drive is making sure that my clients are following the best possible path to reach their goals which means I have to be up there on all the technical knowledge. I’m a reader and researcher by nature and I want to keep up to date with financial planning strategies, structure and legislation.

Check out my video series Retire Right

It’s an ongoing series where I talk about all things retirement including tips on things to do to boost your super before retirement, when best to retire, what to do in retirement and much more. The aim is to assist you to transition into your desired retirement.

I’m also a keen (and reasonably good even if I do say so myself) golfer, making sure I get out every couple of weeks. I also get around on a motorbike but the guys here at JBS call it a scooter.

Best Client Servicing - Individual SMSF Adviser of the Year