Why a Bucket List is so Important?

For me a Bucket List is a critical factor in any Retirement Plan. Writing down your “bucket list” no matter how crazy, significantly increases the likelihood of Retiring Right.


Over the past few months we have had some of our clients send photos of their adventures around the world as they enjoy their retirement dreams.


We have had Paul drive across America with a long time school friend.





Densie & David go skiing in Whistler and visit Downton Abbey.





Peter & Debbie say goodbye to their employers and book trips to Ski the French Alps, visit family in the UK and even enrol to go back studying in the New Year on their return.


Phil & Linda who rented out their house for 12 months and have no permanent place of abode as they initially travelled around Australia before heading to Asia; eventually heading to Europe while the World Cup is on in 2018.


These are just a snippet of the numerous clients that we have all around the world living out their dreams and ticking off their bucket list.


It is fantastic to be able to share in our client’s success, but these results didn’t just happen overnight. In every case our clients have been planning and working towards these goals for years and in some cases tens of years.


Over the years I have helped hundreds of clients Retire Right and in my experience the clients who have written down their bucket list and regularly referred back to it; are kept accountable and tracked their progress towards their goals, are the ones who you see in these photos.


Early on in my own career a wise Retire Right client once said to me, I’m an overnight success after 20 years, so learn from him and START NOW.


We are approaching a great time of the year to complete some reflection and planning and I challenge you to come up with your own Bucket List. Be bold, aim high and start now as the earlier that you start, the more likely your dreams are to achieve.


For the record, the number one thing on my bucket list is to go the US Masters with my son and my dad. My wife and daughters are welcome, but my daughters are a little young to tell if they will like golf and I already know my wife’s answer….


What I wish for you is the opportunity to Retire Right so start the conversation.


– Warren Hanna –