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 “As a close-knit team, our mission is to listen closely to our client’s desires and work collectively to put them on the pathway to financial freedom.

Jenny Brown,
Founder & CEO.

We are pre-retirement and retirement specialists based in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast focused on supporting you as you work towards the life you want to live. Our experienced team are here to provide you quality financial advice whilst building long term relationships of trust, co-dependence, and consistent value.

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  • Estate Planning: Securing Your Legacy

    Estate Planning: Securing Your Legacy

    In life, we often joke about “Spending the Kids Inheritance” (SKI), but the reality is that our financial legacy extends beyond our own enjoyment. What happens to our assets after we’re gone matters, and having a will is key to ensuring your wishes are honoured. Why a Will…Peace of Mind! Did you know that almost…

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  • 5 Tips for Managing Your SMSF

    5 Tips for Managing Your SMSF

    Setting up your SMSF is just the beginning. Make sure you’re aware of your obligations as an SMSF trustee and get the most out of your fund with this quick guide. While the list of SMSF administrative tasks and responsibilities may seem daunting, it’s there for a good reason: to ensure your fund’s decisions protect…

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  • Want to earn more and keep your Age Pension?

    Want to earn more and keep your Age Pension?

    Many people continue, or even start, working once they’ve reached Age Pension age. This may be for social reasons, personal fulfilment or to maintain their standard of living. With the higher cost of living at the moment, even more pensioners are taking up work. But what does this mean if you’re receiving the Age Pension?…

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