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  • A super contributions deadline you won’t want to miss

    A super contributions deadline you won’t want to miss

    If you plan to get more into your super this financial year, act very quickly.  If you’re aiming to make a personal superannuation contribution before the end of the current financial year, your actual lodgement deadline is probably just over one week away from now. That’s because super funds generally have a lodgement deadline that’s…

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  • Superannuation Scams

    Superannuation Scams

    If someone offers to withdraw your super or move it to a self-managed super fund (SMSF) so you can get the money, it could be a scam. Learn how to spot the signs of a super scam and what you can do to protect yourself. Scammers may target your super because most Australians have a super…

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  • Will Cash Remain King

    Will Cash Remain King

    Cash has been one of the best performing defensive assets over the past three years. When compared with global bonds (a riskier asset class), a typical portfolio of term deposits would have returned a cumulative 12.6% in comparison to -8.5% for global bonds over the three years to December 2023. With interest rates expected to…

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