Your Dreams,
Our Guidance,
Your Future.

At JBS Financial, we aren’t just advisors – we are your trusted partners along your financial journey.

You deserve practical guidance that empowers you to align your lifestyle with your financial dreams. Our dedicated team offers you holistic strategies, tailored to your unique needs to foster a future of security, purpose and fulfilment.

Financial guidance is about much more than just numbers.
It’s a life-long journey to achieve your goals.

How we guide you toward your dreams

First, we listen, next, we tailor, and then we act. You’ll never be left with a one-size-fits-all solution.

Your financial partner for life

We believe that your finances are a tool to fund the life you dream of – and we are here to guide you every step along the way.

Who do we work with?

We are looking to support busy pre-retirees and retirees facing uncertainty about their future and who want to delegate their financial and retirement planning to a trusted partner.

Our mission is to simplify the complex financial landscape and ensure you have the necessary systems and structures to confidently pursue your dreams. While you personally may go through this financial journey once, we navigate it for our long list of beloved clients every day.

That’s how we can offer our valuable experience to help you secure a brighter future.

What our customers have to say

We take great pride in providing high-touch service and fostering close-knit relationships with our clients to transform a potentially stressful journey into one of compassion, connection, and results.

  • Stephen Y.

    The team at JBS has enabled me to build a roadmap for my family’s future. Their expertise, approachability, and ability to translate complexity into simplicity are key strengths of JBS.

  • Peter & Wendy F.

    We have been with JBS for over three years, and they have been fantastic. They have guided us through everything that we need to know, and we would recommend JBS to our family and friends.

  • Tony L.

    JBS has provided our family with great advice, and we really appreciate the quarterly reports to ensure we have up-to-date information at hand.

  • Ian W.

    Reliable, competent and caring financial strategists who can explain and relate to the average person.

  • Hazel B.

    The JBS Financial Strategists Team is trustworthy, accessible, and responsive. They manage each client’s risks and needs reassuringly, and we have no hesitation in recommending them.

  • JBS Client.

    I have received a warm and responsive service tailored to my needs, where I have been encouraged to ask any questions. Warren and Jenny have worked hard to gain my trust after previous negative experiences left me wary and cautious. The information provided is thorough, and all aspects are well-managed.

  • Rod S.

    As clients of JBS for almost 14 years now, we have received sound financial advice, which has allowed us to live a comfortable retirement. Without a doubt, our best decision was to form a partnership with JBS and be totally comfortable with their advice, friendly work ethic, honesty, and professionalism.

  • Sue H.

    Dealing with JBS has always been an easy and pleasant experience. The team at JBS has always provided advice in a friendly and caring manner. They have listened carefully to us and implemented an SMSF that perfectly matched our needs…We highly recommend JBS to anyone.

  • Michael M.

    We have been with JBS for many years. We have stayed with them because we trust them. We have a sense that they have our back when it comes to our financial well-being…A key factor has been the strong relationship that we have enjoyed. The people at JBS are very approachable and explain matters very clearly.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach begins with us listening to your voice and your aspirations. Dream big because this aspiration will serve as a north star, guiding our financial and retirement advice so we can help you achieve your goals on time and on purpose.

Our individualised, hands-on financial advice strategy focuses on your path only – we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. In partnership with you, we will create a holistic framework that outlines and facilitates simple, actionable steps to ensure a smooth and secure journey towards a purpose-driven financial future.

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