Aged Care Transitions Made Smooth

A Compassionate Guide

Whether you or a loved one are considering a move to aged care, our facilitation services can bridge the gap between anxious conversations and confident decisions.

While aged care considerations can seem concerning, with JBS by your side, you and your family will have access to expert financial insights and a caring team dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition.

For compassionate Aged Care facilitation, reach out today.

Toward Your Aged Care Goals

We want you to navigate this important life transition with a compassionate and financially-minded guide by your side who will ensure your voice is heard and your goals are met.

Our Personalised and Empathetic Approach

We specialise in supporting the well-being of those transitioning to aged care and work to turn this difficult period into one of excitement, confidence and opportunity. By first analysing your goals, we move forward with a balanced approach focusing both on care as well as expert financial insights.

Together, we can facilitate a journey that’s smooth, informed and goal-oriented.

For compassionate Aged Care facilitation, reach out today.

What we do:

We hold your hand through the retirement process to ensure your peace of mind.

We help to identify appropriate funding solutions for you and your loved ones.

We help you establish a strategic plan for funding Aged Care Services.

We facilitate conversations between loved ones to determine the right level of care.

We ensure all necessary Centrelink paperwork is appropriately managed.

We will review your Estate Plan and Will to ensure they’re tax-effective and up-to-date.

Your financial partner for life

We believe that your finances are a tool to fund the life you dream of – and we are here to guide you every step along the way.

Other ways we can help you

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