• Jenny Brown



    I’m the founder and CEO of JBS and I oversee the planning decisions made for our SMSF client.  I am also proud to be the 2013 AFA Financial Advisor of the Year and the 2013 FS Smileys Scholar of the Year! I have more than 21 years’ experience in the financial planning industry, and my personal philosophy has never wavered – I get to know what’s important to my clients first, and then act to help them achieve their dreams.

    As a result, our business is all about building relationships, and it’s helped grow JBS into the thriving and progressive practice it is today, with my lively and dedicated team of advisors and specialists. Life at JBS is all about having fun too, and I want make sure my team are all happy campers.

    I have a great passion for social media and networking, but I’m equally driven to help women in the financial planning industry, and I sit on several business advisory boards.

    My Motto in life is to Love what you do and smile. It costs nothing and makes you and those around you feel better!

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  • Warren Hanna



    I’ve come on board as a Senior Financial Adviser in the SMSF side of the business. I’ve been working in financial planning since 2003 and I have a passion for all things SMSF including the technical stuff like structuring property purchases, retirement planning and insurance.

    My drive is making sure that my clients are following the best possible path to reach their goals which means I have to be up there on all the technical knowledge. I’m a reader and researcher by nature and I want to keep up to date with financial planning strategies, structure and legislation.

    Check out my video series Retire Right

    It’s an ongoing series where I talk about all things retirement including tips on things to do to boost your super before retirement, when best to retire, what to do in retirement and much more. The aim is to assist you to transition into your desired retirement.

    I’m also a keen (and reasonably good even if I do say so myself) golfer, making sure I get out every couple of weeks. I also get around on a motorbike but the guys here at JBS call it a scooter.

    Best Client Servicing - Individual SMSF Adviser of the Year

  • Peter Folk


    Financial Adviser

    I’m better known as Peewee, especially since there are two Peter / Peta’s in the office.  I’m busy in the background helping to make sure that the SMSF side of the business runs well, questions answered and the Statement of Advice documents written.

    Over the years’, as with many people, my goals and dreams change and hopefully one day I’ll have a nice investment portfolio and be self-sufficient, maybe even retire down by a lake with my fishing rod in hand.  The desire to achieve my own goals makes it even more satisfying when I help clients achieve theirs, it is definitely an added bonus of my job.

    Being part of a fun, vibrant, professional and hardworking team has made working at JBS Financial a great achievement.

  • Liam Rutty


    Financial Adviser

    I’m an Associate Adviser on the superannuation and investments side of the business and I’m responsible for writing the Statements of Advice. I’ve been in the industry since 2004 after making a decision that the best way that I can improve other peoples lives through helping them with their finances.

    My passion is my family but I also love my Hawks. Unfortunately with 2 small children I don’t attend as many games as I would like but hey, they won’t be small forever. I’ve managed to convince my little girl to support the Hawks but I am still working on the little one. As with finances, put in the hard yards early and reap the benefits later, but I have a sneaky suspicion he will side with his mum and support the Cats.

  • Aakash Mehta


    Client Services

    I’m a part of the wonderful SMSF team that goes by the motto “With and For each other’’. Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Finance, JBS is my first step in to the financial planning industry. I help prepare the quarterly reports, driving the SMSF tax returns process with Warren and also perform the required admin work keeping the client’s best interest in mind. It gives me a sense of self-satisfaction knowing that the work I do impacts more than just our client’s financial position.

    I aspire to be a successful Fund Manager in future and help clients achieve their desired comfort life while working hard to have one for myself as well. I like reading financial news, travelling with friends, often go for treks and hikes to mountains  and I attempt to write a bit of poetry as well.

    I am delighted to be a part of the fun JBS team where everyone loves working with each other while pulling some of the most cruel office pranks!

  • Peta Luadaka

    Dip Jus

    Office Manager

    I’m the other Peta in the office but everyone calls me PJ. I’m the office manager come executive assistant to Jenny so I do a bit of everything and anything. I’m a doer so my head is usually down just getting things done and if you’ve seen a presentation of Jen’s you may have seen my handy work in a powerpoint or prezi.

    You’ll probably speak to me as I’m generally your first point of contact at JBS either on the phone or at a meeting in the office so don’t forget to say hello.

    I’m a Queenslander at heart so I enjoy surfing and getting to beach as often as I can with my puppy Raffa. I also love hitting the slopes through winter and on a nice day getting out the skateboard for a cruise along Williamstown Bay.

  • Varsha Kedia

    M. International Finance

    Client Services

    I’ve come on board as Client Service Administrator, primarily responsible for client administration and providing a broad range of support to the team. This is my first step towards building a career in the financial planning industry. I have graduated with a Master’s degree in International Finance. I developed a passion for finance, being able to manage funds and planning wealth for the future really excites me.

    My dream is to become a financial adviser and be able to help people manage their finances someday. I’m passionate about technology as well and I love playing video games and reading about the latest gadgets. I mostly enjoy playing first-person shooter and action/strategy games– Counter-Strike and League of Legends are my all-time favourite. I also love to travel and explore things around me.

    I am excited to come to work each day, the JBS team is really intellectual, fun and exciting. I get to learn something each day and follow my passion.

  • Richard Smart

    Currently Studying Commerce Degree

    Client Services

    I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University and I love the combination of uni and working at JBS. I really enjoy being a part of the client services team and I am often tasked with a lot of the grunt work required for the tax returns and quarterly reports for the SMSF clients; I take great pride in sufficiently completing these large tasks on time so that office workflow can continue to run smoothly.

    I love my AFL and I’m a die-hard supporter of the Bombers. Unfortunately, I’m not old enough to remember when we were successful, but I can see us winning a flag in the next few years. Two of my other passions outside of work and uni are playing soccer and listening to music; I listen to a variety of music, which is probably why I have been entrusted with being the office DJ on a Friday afternoon!

  • Nicholas Wong

    Currently Studying Finance & Commerce Degree

    Client Services

    I’m part of the Client Services team part time while I complete my Bachelor of Finance Specialist and Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University. I’m currently in my third year and hope to find work in the financial markets once I graduate. At JBS I mainly work with the SMSF team to implement the advice given in the Statements of Advice and I am responsible for making sure your quarterly reports are delivered on time.

    Outside of work I love playing sports and have played cricket for as long as I can remember. I like to think I’m an all-rounder but my best days as a bowler were left behind in the under 13 competition, so nowadays my main contribution is with the afternoon tea we provide at home games.

  • Lachlan Oro

    Currently Studying Commerce Degree

    Client Services

    I’m part-time here at JBS, whilst concurrently studying at Monash University, undertaking a Commerce degree majoring in Finance and Economics. Balancing these two commitments has been an enjoyable experience so far, with the array of tasks I undertake at JBS providing a great insight into the practical side of what I am currently studying. Being able to observe my colleagues and aid them in working towards ensuring our clients achieve their personal and financial goals is something that I take great enjoyment out of, and is hopefully something I can pursue long into the future.

    I am a big follower of the English Premier League, and love watching my beloved Liverpool, even if they do play at all hours of the morning. After attending the World Cup in Russia just gone, my passion for travel is something I can’t wait to continue pursuing, both recreationally, and hopefully on business in the years to come.

    Being a member of the JBS team has been amazing experience so far, and the fun and productive work environment here is a big motivator in getting me out of bed in the mornings!

  • Ted

    Phd F.U.N.

    Senior Executive in charge of Fun and Frivolity

    Ted came to JBS in 2013 and is our Senior Executive in charge of Fun and Frivolity. With his button eyes and large smile, he brings joy and happiness to those in the office. He has exceptional qualification and after playing Yogi bear in the movie of the same name alongside Justin Timberlake, he decided that fame and fortune of Hollywood was not for him.

    He is soft and cuddly and seen lounging around on Jen’s desk whenever she is not around. Ted is overbearing and always wants to win at foosball. In fact now that I think about it I’m not sure he does anything other than warm his behind on the heater…..how do I get this job?? And why did I end up writing his bio??

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