• Jenny Brown


    CEO & Founder

    My motto in life is “Love what you do and smile”.

    As the founder and CEO of JBS Financial and with close to 30 years’ experience in financial planning, I see myself as a passionate, resilient leader. Leadership is knowing what your team is going through and ensuring they have a voice; knowing that there is guidance available to them if they need it.

    Our business is all about building relationships, this has helped grow JBS Financial into the thriving and progressive financial advice practice that it is today. Our team are happiest when we know that our clients are achieving their goals. Whether it’s a small win for them or helping them to make a major decision around retirement, the key is our clients know they are a number one priority.

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  • Warren Hanna



    I love being a leader in a financial advice practice that profoundly makes a difference in client’s lives.

    There is nothing like the personal satisfaction of providing people with clarity and relief in difficult and challenging times. I have been in financial advice since 2003, being able to use my knowledge and experience to provide clarity to our clients gives me a great sense of fulfillment.

    As a partner in JBS Financial, I enjoy my leadership role and get great pleasure in helping our team members develop and progress in their career paths. I’m passionate about the ongoing mentoring and leadership role that I provide to the team. It’s a pleasure to see our team excel.

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  • Peter Folk


    Partner & Financial Adviser

    My focus is to help you map out a path to financial freedom.

    I’m happiest when I’m helping our clients achieve their goals. Providing them with a peace of mind that will set them at ease, knowing that they are in a comfortable position working towards their future.

    You will commonly hear me referred to as Peewee, you can call me Peewee too. As a JBS team member, I’ve worked my way through a support team role, now realising a dream and working as one of the financial advisers in the business. It is incredibly rewarding being part of a fun, vibrant, professional, and hardworking group; working as one to provide the best service we can to our clients.

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  • Daniel Santopietro

    B.Bus (FinPlan) / B.Bus (Acc)

    Financial Adviser

    I have completed a Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning) and Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) at RMIT University. I am part of the Financial Advice team at JBS and I have now completed my Professional Year to be a qualified Financial Adviser. I’m thankful to be a part of this great team and I’m progressively learning each day. My dream is to become a financial adviser and ultimately help people achieve their financial goals and dreams. It took me three university courses to find what I want to do in life but I haven’t looked back, and I’ve become so passionate for financial planning.

    Outside of work, I love sports, I follow and keep up with as many sports as I can. I used to play soccer but due to injuries, I’ve had to hang up the boots early. I’m a passionate Collingwood and Melbourne Victory supporter. I also love to travel and explore new places and I’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places.

  • Kaitlin Mifsud

    B.Bus FinPlan & B.Bus Acc

    Provisional Financial Adviser

    I have a double degree in Financial Planning and Accountancy, I am now undertaking my Professional Year, which I commenced on the 22nd of March, 2023. This will see me complete the new industry entrant requirement before becoming a qualified Financial Adviser.  As part of the requirement, I will undertake 1500 hours of supervised work experience with an additional 100 hours of structured training. During my Professional Year, I will be supervised and supported by Peter Folk (Authorised Representative 1264658), who will be accountable for the advice I provide.

    Driven by tenacity and integrity, I am here to help you achieve your financial goals alongside the whole JBS Financial team. Most of all, I am dedicated to making a positive impact by making the financial planning industry more accessible for people of all ages, backgrounds, and net worth.

    When I’m not busy with work, I enjoy going to the beach, eating out and visiting new places. I am definitely not afraid of taking on new challenges, so you can always depend on me to support you in achieving your financial objectives with a warm smile and a drive for results.

  • Sharyn Evans

    Practice Manager

    I’m the passionate and hardworking Office Manager here who’s in charge of handling your enquiries, processing your financial payments, managing databases and more. As a proud organisational powerhouse, I constantly aim to work smarter and hunt for efficiencies that will make financial planning easier for you, our clients and my colleagues at JBS Financial. I have always been a firm advocate for people to seek the assistance of quality, non-biased Financial Advisers to guide them through the complexities of financial planning. That’s because smart planning today makes a big difference tomorrow. This is why I pursued a career in financial planning and vowed to always look after clients and their financial objectives.
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  • Tanaka Chivazve

    B.Bus FinPlan & B.Bus Acc

    Client Services

    As the Client Services Administrator for JBS Financial, I am in charge of assisting our financial advisers in implementing advice, writing Records of Advice, and handling other JBS Financial projects. I discovered my passion for finance and people at a young age, so I joined the team to fulfil both dreams.

    After completing a double degree in Financial Planning and Accountancy at RMIT University, I have taken on roles that have allowed me to interact with clients directly, collaborate with other team members and persevere to accomplish more challenging tasks. I believe that a career in finance is an opportunity to change lives for the better. So, I always strive to go above and beyond and be of service to both clients and the entire JBS Financial team.

    Outside of work, I enjoy watching and following my favourite teams, Liverpool, and Essendon. He used to play soccer and still maintains an active lifestyle, so you guarantee that I’ll be just as proactive in helping you achieve your financial goals, whatever they may be.

  • Geraldine Cañete

    Client Services

    I’m your dependable Client Service expert here at JBS Financial who’s responsible for ensuring that your Discussion Documents are always up to date and that all your concerns are communicated with the advisers so they can be addressed as soon as possible. As your partner in your financial journey, I’m here to make sure that you can enjoy the experience as you achieve your financial goals – whatever they may be.

    When faced with challenges, I tell myself that “I just haven’t figured this out…yet.” I live by this optimistic principle and use this to empower our clients at JBS Financial as we use their financial goals to make a real difference in their lives.

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  • Rodelyn Cabrera

    Client Services

    I’m your reliable and optimistic Client Services expert who will make sure that all of your concerns are addressed, any action items within our Insurance and Super Inboxes are actioned for you, and your plan preparation forms are implemented – all with a smile that will make you smile, too. As a motivated achiever with a penchant for leadership, I’m a licenced teacher with extensive experience in customer service. I have spent most of my adult life serving in the local government, supporting my family and being a consistent performer in my career, where I discovered that my true passion is helping people achieve their goals.
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  • Ted

    Phd F.U.N.

    Senior Executive in charge of Fun and Frivolity

    Ted came to JBS in 2013 and is our Senior Executive in charge of Fun and Frivolity. With his button eyes and large smile, he brings joy and happiness to those in the office. He has exceptional qualification and after playing Yogi bear in the movie of the same name alongside Justin Timberlake, he decided that fame and fortune of Hollywood was not for him.

    He is soft and cuddly and seen lounging around on Jen’s desk whenever she is not around. Ted is overbearing and always wants to win at foosball. In fact now that I think about it I’m not sure he does anything other than warm his behind on the heater…..how do I get this job?? And why did I end up writing his bio??

Jenny (250844), Warren (306070), Peter (1264658), Daniel (1300870) and Kaitlin (1306245) are all Sub-Authorised Representatives of the corporate JBS Financial Strategists. JBS is a Corporate Authorised Representative (252571) of JBS Financial Strategists Pty Ltd (AFSL 486674) - See more at: http://jbsfinancial.com.au/jbs-team/