Join with Jen

  • Tips for running a small business and preparing for retirement

    Jenny shares a few key tips on how to run a small business and prepare yourself for retirement.

  • It's 2021, it's time to start dreaming again

    The new year is an opportunity for new beginnings and it’s time for us all to start dreaming again. Whatever you are dreaming about, JBS can help set you on the right path to achieving them.

  • Pet Peeves | Will I have enough in Retirement

    Do you worry about having enough money when you retire? Do you have someone in your corner to help you plan the retirement you want?

  • Pet Peeves | When can I stop working?

    Have you thought about when you would like to stop working? Do you have a number in mind or have you thought about what that looks like?

  • Pet Peeves | Dreaming

    Do you have a dream you want to achieve or something on your wish list that you really want to do. Life is about achieving what you want to do, so ask yourself – what’s important to you?

  • Pet Peeves | Have you got a plan in place

    Do you have a plan in place if something happens to your partner? Whether personal or business, you need to have a plan to ensure you are both protected should the unfortunate happen.

  • Pet Peeves | Retirement

    Is there a magical number when you want to retire? Is retirement an actual number or is it when you have the financial freedom and know what your want to do in retirement.

  • Pet Peeves | Tax

    Do you think you pay too much tax? I think everyone does! It’s about the timing of when you pay tax, so knowing what you want to do and having a plan can help minimising the amount of tax you pay.

  • Pet Peeves | Debt

    You are not alone when it comes to debt. Our clients often come to us with the conflict of whether to pay down debt or save for retirement.

  • Pet Peeves | How long will my money last?

    The answer is, you need to manage your funds to ensure your money lasts as long as you need it to. Knowing where you stand is the first step!

  • Achieving Your BHAG's

    When was the last time you thought about what you want to achieve and what you really want to get out of life? Jen gives you the tips to on how to set and achieve your BHAG’s.

  • Do you want to protect your family?

    When was the last time you looked at how much insurance you would need if something happened to you or your loved ones?

    There are so many myths surrounding personal insurance and what you should do to protect you and your loved ones. Thankfully Jenny Brown, our CEO and Financial Adviser knows how to bust those myths and set you on the right track!

  • We've got NEWS!

    It’s all the same but it’s different!

    As we plan strategies for our clients each day to ensure they achieve the financial freedom they hope for, we also plan for making JBS Financial Strategists a stronger, better business ready to embrace the future.

    To ensure that we can continue to provide that same support but also to allow us to evolve; we are thrilled to announce that Warren Hanna, Senior Financial Adviser, has now joined the partnership team with Jenny Brown. This is not only in recognition of the time and energy that Warren has committed to JBS over the years but it is also his vision and support for the future of JBS Financial that is important as well.

    Congratulations Jenny and Warren on the next step in JBS Financial and we look forward to seeing what the next stage of the business will be.

    Here’s a special message from Jenny and Warren to share with you!

  • What's the first thing you think of when I say "Retirement"

    When it comes to asking questions about retirement, everyone is different. We know there’s no one size fit all formula, but as a team we work to help you achieve your goals.

    Jenny shares with us some of the things that matter most to our clients in retirement in this Join with Jen video!

  • What's the first thing you think of when I say "Holidays"?

    Jenny takes us through her reaction and her tips on how you can actively live the life you want to live. Want to tick your dream holiday off your bucket list? Then get in touch and let’s start planning here.

  • Are you actively living the life you want to live?

    Jenny shares a personal story of how JBS’s Cash Coach and Retire Right programs helped her to create her own ideal lifestyle. We hope you enjoy this Join with Jen video and take a chance to think about how we can help you achieve the life you want to live.

  • When you are attending a conference do you push yourself outside your comfort zones?

    Well the feedback from Jenny on the 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting in Orlando was that with 4 roles to play this year, it was a little overwhelmingly. But good experiences can occur when you push yourself and this year, companionship, fellowship and plenty of networking were at the forefront of Jenny’s experience. Check out the video for what else Orlando had in store for Jenny??

    Were you at the 2017 MDRT Conference? What was your experience?

  • Easter Update

    Our awesome leader has put together a Join with Jen video to update you about all the big things that have been happening in JBS since the start of the year. Keep an eye out for more Join with Jen videos in the throughout the year.