Meet Warren

Warren Hanna

Tel 8677 0688

I love being a leader in a financial advice practice that profoundly makes a difference in client’s lives.

There is nothing like the personal satisfaction of providing people with clarity and relief in difficult and challenging times. I have been in financial advice since 2003, being able to use my knowledge and experience to provide clarity to our clients gives me a great sense of fulfilment.

As a partner in JBS Financial, I enjoy my leadership role and get great pleasure in helping our team members develop and progress in their career paths. I’m passionate about the ongoing mentoring and leadership role that I provide to the team. It’s a pleasure to see our team excel.

Australians need financial advice. My drive is making sure that our clients are following the right path to allow them to achieve their dreams and achieve their financial freedom number.

If I were sitting and chatting with ‘young Warren’ I would say, pay yourself first because if you save what is left over there is rarely anything left to save. I was lucky, my parents educated me early in life about the importance of money and to get into a routine of putting money away.

While I have been personally successful in both sport and business, my wife Kristyn, and my three children, Riley, Lucy, and Phoebe are my biggest achievements.

I feel a sense of achievement when I’m challenging and coaching people to help them reach what they want to achieve. I love sports and I love being part of a team. Outside of leading the JBS team I love being the captain of the Growling Frog Golf Club Pennant team and volunteering my time as an assisting coach for my sons’ footy team. Getting the best out of people is what I do.

You can learn more from my Retire Right video series or book a meeting to speak with the JBS Financial team.


2016 – IFA Excellence Awards: SMSF Adviser of the Year Finalist
2016 – IFA Excellence Awards: Best Client Servicing Finalist