Retire Right

  • The importance of purpose and connection

    It’s important to understanding how critical a sense of connection & purpose is as you move towards preparing for retirement. What are you doing around your sense of purpose and connectivity?

  • Fitness and Finance Coaching Parallels

    Warren discusses with us the parallels between having someone who holds you accountable in your fitness regime is no different to having someone keep you accountable with your finances.

  • Prioritising what is important to you

    When was the last you took step back and looked at what you are doing and why you are doing it. While COVID hasn’t been without challenges, it has given us opportunities to reflect and see how we can do things differently.

  • The Journey that is Retirement #14

    Do you have a pilot helping you to navigate steps towards retirement?

    Warren Hanna chats with us about the journey that is retirement, having the hard conversations early is important!

    If you’re one of the lucky one’s that is all set to retire right, that’s great! But if you’re not, drop Warren and the team a message below and tell us,

    ‘What is your biggest concern as you approach retirement?’

  • When have you done something for the first time #13

    It takes a lot of practice to become perfect at something, what do you need to do to make sure your retirement is absolutely perfect?

  • Financial Freedom #12

    Is your retirement a numbers game or do you have your financial freedom in the bag!

    Find out your financial freedom number and chat to Warren about what you should be doing.

  • Cool Client Review Meeting #11

    Warren shares his experience about a rewarding client review meeting and wanted to throw the challenge out to you – how are you tracking with your goals

  • Cafe Encounter #10

    Something a little different in this video – Warren recently had a chance encounter in a cafe where over coffee he got to share in someone’s story. Check out this great little video that he did on the way back to the office.

  • Man Retires At 34 and Freaked Out on First Day #09

    Sometimes when you read an article that resonates with you, well you just have to make a video about it!

    In Warren’s latest #RetireRight video he shares some of the take outs from an article on Brandon, a 34 year old young man who achieved financial independence at the age of 34 and freaked out on his first day of retirement.

  • Could your superannuation be a tax haven? #8

    Could your superannuation be a tax haven? Warren is not talking about visiting the Cayman Islands but he is talking about how you structure your superannuation effectively to suit you.

    As always Warren has put his unique take on his latest Retire Right video about superannuation as a tax haven.

  • End Of Financial Year Tips #07

    Only days until the end of the Financial year and in Episode #07 of Warren’s series Retire Right he provides some valuable End of Financial Year Tips.

    It’s not too late for you to take the steps needed to achieve the best outcome for you this financial year. Most importantly seek financial advice.

  • Superannuation is not a product #06

    Superannuation is not a product says our Retire Right Coach Warren Hanna.

    Do or don’t believe in Super? This is the video for you to watch!

    Getting the structure right from the beginning is the key. Have you got a question for Warren that you need help with? Contact us if you have questions and we will help you find a way to Retire Right.

  • Financial Planning Jargon #05

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…sometimes it all just sounds like gobbledygook!

    At JBS we pride ourselves on being able to break down the barriers and simplify the complicated. In this video, Warren proves that at JBS we are human and can laugh at ourselves as he takes a tongue in cheek look at the jargon you can expect to hear when you see a Financial Adviser.

    Make sure you wait for the “Bloopers” at the end!

  • 3 Tips to Finding a Financial Adviser #04

    Are you thinking about your financial well being and don’t know where to start?

    Finding the right person to help with your financial success can be overwhelming. However, in this episode of Retire Right, Warren shares 3 key tips you should consider when taking the next step to finding the right financial adviser for you.

  • Do you have a financial mentor or coach in your corner? #03

    We’re talking about the use of a coach or mentor for your finances in retirement or as you approach retirement. All elite athlete’s have coaches to push them and adjust their game-play just slightly and sometimes that’s all it takes to make massive changes.

    When it comes to money, who are you talking to? Who do you have in your corner? Make sure it’s someone that knows a thing or two and not just the neighbour who’s retired. You want to make sure you’re listening to those with knowledge, skills and experience that will help make your retirement that great experience that it should be.

  • The Need For a Hobby In Retirement #02

    In this episode of Retire Right, we look at the need to have a hobby retirement. Going from full-time work to nothing can be a daunting process and we have found that many need something to give them joy but also structure or routine.

    This isn’t necessarily about taking up golf or lawn bowls, but it could be. It could also be volunteering or even a casual or part-time job. Retirement is more about living on your terms – where you do want you want – what brings you joy. You could even be looking after the grandkids on a regular basis.

  • Why I believe it's important #01

    Welcome to Retire Right – a video series that explores all things retirement. We aim to give you insights and tips on all things retirement, from how to approach it, things to consider and calculate when planning retirement, how to take the big step of transition into retirement as well as how to ensure you keep the lifestyle you want in your retirement.

    You see, everyone is different and so too are everyone’s idea of retirement. We answer all the common questions we get asked around these times with the aim to have you feel more comfortable about the transition you’re about to embark on as well as living in retirement.