Peta-Gai & Kelly

PG & I had a lot of debt which made me hesitant to go to a financial adviser, when we met with you I felt secure immediately, that you were on our side and not judgemental about our situation. You took care of everything and planned it all out step by step which made it so easy.

Tony Hatton Testimonial

Tony Hatton

Nola and I have been clients for nearly two years and feel very comfortable with the relationship with JBS. We had expected our money to decline with the cost of everything going up, however our money is growing. From our point of view, it’s the most positive relationship we have had through our time looking after our own money.

Chick Wilkinson

Now in retirement we can see the benefits of having good advice. When you are young no one thinks to much into the future, on reflection the financial advice we have been given especially from JBS has been really benefically. We have had a good relationship over the past 12 -18 months and my advice to anyone who wants to have a successful retirement – it is essential to have good independant financial advice and JBS has certainly given us that.

Chick Wilkinson Testimonial
Phil & Jane Anthony Testimonial

Philip & Jane Anthony

I think JBS has been fabulous, from the moment we actually went to our first meeting we have had a feeling of total confidence. JBS has made our lives so easy and to be told we can actually spend more than we do is just so reassuring for our future. We appreciate the unhurried nature of our meetings, often spending time just chatting before we get down to business.

Julie Hyde

As a client of JBS Financial Strategists for the past 5 years, I could not be happier.  My background is banking and I have worked with many bank Financial Planners.  When I left the industry I was reluctant to entrust my wealth with anyone I knew at the time.  On first meeting Jenny she gained my trust and I was blown away by the extent she goes to to ensure the right solution is found for her clients.  With regular follow up and expert advice you could say I am a raving fan of her business.