Fun, Money and Holiday’s

1 week at the Goldie


We are heading towards the end of the year and for many people the focus is turning to the XMAS holiday period. This period is renowned for being pricey and unfortunately there are several traps you should steer clear of, especially if you’re planning on jet-setting on a holiday over the xmas season.


I recently took my family to the Gold Coast for a week, and with some planning we were able to have a fun-filled time without blowing up the bank account.


Compare Travel-Related Products


Doing your research and comparing different travel-related products is a good way to reduce costs. There are many travel / hotel websites out there, all with their own exclusive deals. For flights, accommodation etc compare your options and lock in a competitive deal.


Through a Jetstar deal, we were able to book a week’s accommodation at Q1 Resort & Spa Luxury Apartments for around 50% less than the going rate. A nice pool, and being close to the beach, Q1 was the perfect location for our 2 little ones.


A day at Movie World was cheaper via purchasing tickets using our RACV club membership. Whilst the savings were minimal, it basically covered what we spent on food /drinks on the day.


Drafting a Budget

It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but setting yourself a budget gives you more structure when it comes to holidays. There were many things we wanted to do whilst at the Gold Coast, a

nd knowing the cost beforehand provided us with the knowledge of what the final cost was going to be. In the months leading up to the trip, we had a separate bank account which we contributed to weekly that ensured we were cashed up to have plenty of fun whilst away.

Holidays are about having fun, however there is always a financial cost involved. With a bit of planning and money management in the lead up to your trip, you can enjoy the trip even more and at the same time know when you do arrive home you won’t be stressing about a blown out credit card and wondering how to pay it.


The summer months are nearly upon us. If you commence your planning now it almost guarantees you’re holiday period will be a great one both financially and enthusiastically.


– Glenn Malkiewicz