Estate Planning: Securing Your Legacy

by JBS Financial 23 Feb 2024

In life, we often joke about “Spending the Kids Inheritance” (SKI), but the reality is that our financial legacy extends beyond our own enjoyment. What happens to our assets after we’re gone matters, and having a will is key to ensuring your wishes are honoured. Why a Will…Peace of Mind! Did you know that almost […]


5 Tips for Managing Your SMSF

by JBS Financial 23 Feb 2024

Setting up your SMSF is just the beginning. Make sure you’re aware of your obligations as an SMSF trustee and get the most out of your fund with this quick guide. While the list of SMSF administrative tasks and responsibilities may seem daunting, it’s there for a good reason: to ensure your fund’s decisions protect […]


Want to earn more and keep your Age Pension?

by JBS Financial 1:53 pm 23 Feb 2024

Many people continue, or even start, working once they’ve reached Age Pension age. This may be for social reasons, personal fulfilment or to maintain … [ read more ]

A postcard from your retirement: Planning for your future.

by JBS Financial 5:10 pm 11 Feb 2024

Retirement is a destination we all aim for, but the journey looks different for everyone. How do you ensure you save enough to create the retirement you … [ read more ]

Avoid These Retirement Mistakes to Secure Your Financial Future

by JBS Financial 4:51 pm 11 Feb 2024

Embarking on retirement brings exciting opportunities but also opens the door to potential financial missteps. Avoiding common pitfalls is essential for … [ read more ]

How much super should you have at your age?

by JBS Financial 9:30 am 09 Feb 2024

Your super balance will most likely play a big part in how comfortably you live in retirement. But depending on how far off retirement is for you, it might … [ read more ]

Ensuring Your Wealth Lasts a Lifetime: A Comprehensive Approach

by JBS Financial 10:11 pm 28 Jan 2024

When clients come to see us, one of their primary concerns is ensuring that the money they have worked hard to accumulate will continue to grow and sustain … [ read more ]

Mike’s Retire Right Journey: From CEO to Puffing Billy’s Station Master

by JBS Financial 5:16 pm 27 Jan 2024

We caught up with long-time Retire Right client Mike McCarthy, took the time to catch up on his post-retirement life, and discovered a fascinating story … [ read more ]

Why investors are firmly focused on interest rates

by JBS Financial 9:22 am 25 Jan 2024

2024 is very much a story of how quickly and how sharply rates will start coming down. Around the world, just like in 2023, financial markets, investors, … [ read more ]

Shaping 2024: Goals for a Balanced Life

by JBS Financial 4:00 pm 12 Jan 2024

By Jenny Brown – CEO With the new year kicking in, it’s a good time to reflect on what we want from life and sketch out our plans for 2024. … [ read more ]



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