Look Out World!!

Ashton 1Never before have I had a better reason to bail work the second the clock hits 5.30pm than now, for what awaits me when I walk into the front door each night I arrive home.  On Tuesday, 14th October @ 6.22pm, the latest miracle to enter this world had arrived.  I became the father to little Ashton.

This is the first sighting we have on record of Ashton.  Just 15 mins after birth he was smiling as wide as the Ashton 2eyes could see.

It’s amazing how something so small with so much to learn can impact one’s life.  How one’s world changes upon the birth of their little one…

•    Within an instant your life is flipped upside down and your new role as a father for which there is no training manual is suddenly a priority.

•    My status as my fiancé’s number 1, has been downgraded to number 2.  Still love ya babe

•    Fatherhood and perfectionism don’t mix.  However, my fiancé has provided great support to baby Ashton and myself.

•    I am always waiting for the daily Ashton updates to come through whilst at work.

•    That one hour ‘daddy / Ashton time’ from the time you get home is the best part of the day.

Ashton 3

It has been the most surreal experience to date for my partner and I, and how we have adapted to our new life which has now changed forever.  Whatever Ashton grows up to be, you just know he will make a real impact on this world in a positive manner.  So I say look out world, Ashton is coming!  Before that time however, he will continue getting drunk on mum’s milk and sleeping 17 hours per day.  Sounds like the perfect life…