Create | Protect | Enjoy – The Spring Carnival Highlights Australia’s Risky Nature

Approximately $800 million+ was wagered on Melbourne Cup Day.  It is part human nature to trust in luck or a big windfall such as winning the ‘big one’ at the Melbourne Cup or the lottery, and for most people it’s just good fun.  But statistically we know this is highly unlikely to happen.  We also know that a high proportion of people will suffer a significant health event throughout their working life resulting in their income stopping.

There is a greater chance of suffering a heart attack than winning the Melbourne Cup trifecta.  In fact, the confronting news is if you buy a tattslotto ticket the day before the draw, studies show you have a greater chance of dying before the lottery is drawn than winning it.

The challenge is to make sure we take the ‘gamble’ out of things that really matter, like protecting our family in the event we become sick / injured and are unable to work to ensure we can continue to pay the mortgage and living expenses.

What are the Odds?


A lack of financial preparedness can have significant impacts down the track.  No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they can no longer support themselves financially.  It is about making your own luck rather than simply hoping for the best.

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